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Which are the best strains of kratom today?

Kratom comes from the leaves of the kratom plant which are also known as Mitragyna Speciosa plants which belong to the coffee family. These trees are found in the specific topographical regions like in the tropical forests of South East Asian countries like Borneo, Malaysia, and Thailand. Depending on the area they grow, there are different strains or variants of kratom.   How Do The Strains Vary? Kratom is mainly differentiated from the locations than their vein colors. Then the kratom variants can be further categorized considering their vein colors like Red, Green and White Vein Kratom. These strains not only differ in their vein color but also in their biochemical compositions. However, alone vein color or the origin doesn't decide the variants. Both the factors combine to form the strains. Best Kratom Strains There are many strains in the market but deciding the best one is hard as different strains have different uses. How one variant effectively serves your purposes determine if it is best for you or not. However, we have handpicked some of the strains/variants that are being popular among the kratom users around the world:
  • Bali Kratom. It is one of the most popular strains in the world and is regarded as the standardized kratom for years. It came from Borneo and transported via Bali which is why it is named so.
  • MaengDa Kratom. In the context of popularity, Maengda is the one following Bali Kratom. There are three variants of MaengDa which are Red Vein, White Vein, and Green Vein. Among all these, the green vein is the most adored by every kratom buyer.
  • Thai Kratom. Also considered as an Umbrella stain, Thai Kratom comes from the jungles of Thailand. White Vein Thai kratom is getting pretty famous these days among kratom buyers.
  • Malay/Indo Kratom. Malay kratom is natively grown in the wilds of Malaysia and Indonesia. This strain has a unique biochemical composition. Green Malay is well-liked more than the white and red vein variants.
These four strains are the best ones we have nowadays. You can readily find these kratom options both in capsule format at Krave Kratom online vendor. You can even test the quality of the product by trying Krave Kratom Sample packs that consist of ten capsules. They also offer high-quality kratom and guarantee that it contains no stems or fillers. After testing the quality, you can choose the best suitable one and order in bulk. You can avail all the kratom products in capsules in both capsule and powder form except White Thai and Green Malay which is only available in capsule form. Also, there are multiple options for different quantities starting from 30 to 500 pills for kratom capsules and 60 to 250 grams packs of kratom powder. The best part is that Krave Kratom offers free shipping on all their orders. So, why are you still waiting? Try your favorite Krave Kratom Strain Sample today!
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