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How to make kratom powder?

Kratom doesn't come in the powder form that you get from the shops. It is prepared by drying the leaves and then grounding them. Crushing the dried leaves may sound easy. Right? Well, it looks simple and easy, but it's not. It is a lengthy process that needs much more than grinding machines. It requires human effort, eyes for quality to ensure that you need only high-quality Kratom Powder. Today, we are going to share how we prepare the high-quality, 100% organic kratom powder: Harvesting Kratom Leaves Though growing in tropical forests of Asia and Africa, all Kratom or Mitragyna Speciosa plants are not same. Depending on the location of the plants' origin and vein colors there is a difference. Each strain has individual biochemical properties as well. Again, all leaves are not suitable for making kratom powder. Only leaves that are matured but not old or drying are used to make this product. Hence, we have a team of people who spend their time carefully hand-picking the best suitable kratom leaves according to the strains. There we run the first check of the quality of the leaves and weight them. Preparing Them Once the leaves arrive at our kratom processing plant, they are again checked by another quality checking team to ensure there is no stems or rotten leaves. After that, they are thoroughly washed with water for a couple of times (no chemicals are used) to remove sand and dust from it. Then they are kept aside to get rid of the excess water from it. Drying Kratom Once they are clean and dry, they are spread on dehydrator trays and dried until they turn dry and crisp. You can also sun-dry it, but it is pretty time-consuming. The crunchiness of the leaves ensures that they are ready for the next step. Grounding Process Now we put the dried leaves in the grinder machine and grind. We do it in a couple of sessions and between each session when them through a mesh to ensure that it is finely grounded. Before we measure and pack the kratom powder, we sieve it once more to make sure that there is not veins or chunk of leaves in it. It is nothing but fine dust of kratom leaves. Then it is packed and shipped to your doorstep. We also provide free shipping on all our orders. At Krave Kratom, we focus on the quality. That is why we don't even use any chemical to wash or threat the kratom leaves. We add no fillers, no color or preservatives. Dehydration is a natural form of preservation and doesn't alter the properties of the leaves. That is why we always dehydrate our kratom leaves. Try out our Krave Kratom products we have it in powder, capsules as well as in tincture format. In powder we have:
  • Krave Kratom MaengDa Powder which is a high-quality powdered form of MaengDa kratom leaves.
  • Krave Kratom Bali Powder is the most popular and loved variant of Kratom.
  • Krave Kratom Gold Powder is an exclusive in-house blend of five strains.
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